Apr 18, 2019

 by Rafael Moret
Today I wanted to take a minute to explain what NUTRITION COACHING is...
Most people have never heard the term, and most people that think they know...current Nutrition Clients included...don't know
Most people think our Nutrition Coaching, is a new diet or meal plan every week...
Or that I tell people to have a cheat day or that I give people permission to eat rice....
That is not at all what it is or what I do
Let Me Ask You A Question....Be Honest (I already know the answer)
What’s really stopping you from crushing your goals?
Seriously!? Almost always… it’s not the diet and it’s not just the macros… it’s because something else is off.  BUT that thing that is off is always overlooked
When someone comes to my class (a workout) I coach them through the class or workout...modify exercise, tell them when they need to go heavier, quicker, slower, more controlled...etc...
I Coach
Nutrition Coaching is just like that....I coach YOU to the next level with a completely customized program designed specifically for you to reach your goals, your lifestyle, your wants and needs.  This is NO cookie cutter or template BS Program.  This is 100% designed for you and by you because I take all your preferences in to account...
A new meal plan or diet is only required when it is required...for some people it's variety, for some people it's because of a plateau...for other people...it's what is required to get them to the next step
For other people...what I do is tell them the TRUTH...some people don't like it...
Imagine someone is wondering why they are not getting results...there is always a reason...I give people the bad news too..
You didn't exercise this week
You were not consistent with your eating
You ate to much
You ate to little
You didn't sleep
You are stressed
Just like the scale is one tool to measure progress, so is the diet...
If you are ok with ok results then ok effort is going to be ok
But I just wanted to make sure....Everyone understands
“Getting lean or increased muscularity should be as simple as a calorie deficit or surplus combined with your favorite Workout, right? Unfortunately, not.
Let's bring some awareness to the physical, mental, and emotional tension or stress that exists between these three divergent goals (performance, aesthetics and lifestyle).
To summarize: the key premise of this philosophy is that in your pursuit of any one particular goal you may sacrifice other goals in this triangle. For example, optimal performance and aesthetics don’t always go hand in hand. Nor does maintaining 5% body fat and having a flourishing social schedule filled with happy hours.
Nutrition Coaching...helps you build a bridge and gain some clarity between these goals
Coach Rafael
P S....if anything I said...make sense or makes you curious...let me know in the comments