Need to Work on Your Core (maybe glutes too)- Changes to Schedule Starting Next Week - This Weekends Schedule

Jun 7, 2019

 by Rafael Moret
Thank God it's Friday!!!!
I know it's been a tough week for a lot of people that have kids in there life, with last days of school, graduations, Summer camps starting, and basically the Summer shift in schedule for a lot of people, I know maybe getting all your workouts in this week has not been easy
So Let's fix we have workouts at 5pm and 6pm pick 1
Tomorrow we have workouts at 8am and 9am pick 1
Sunday we have workouts at 11am pick that 1 too
There you go 3 workouts and you are right back on track!!!
OK....We have a few changes to the schedule NEXT week
Let's begin with next weekend being the WBFF Orlando Show
We will have Lais, Brianna, Ana and Erika competing that weekend
You all have done GREAT Proud of the 4 of you...let's close this last week strong
so let's talk schedule... Lais is heading up to Orlando on Thursday and I will be driving up Friday afternoon...
So Next Week we will have class as normal Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Thursday morning Lais is leaving so there is no morning session and Friday afternoon I am leaving so there are no Friday sessions, Saturday and Sunday we will both be in Orlando so there will be no weekend sessions
We are also putting the morning 7am, 8am and 9am sessions on hold....we started these classes back in February based on everyone saying how much it would help, but after 4 months...they don't really seem to be a good fit for our Fitness Family
So this Tuesday June 11th will be the last day of morning sessions the way we have them set up.
Now with all of that said, that does not mean we are NOT available, both Lais and I are available for 1 on1 private coaching or if you have a group of people (2 or more) and you would like to book a time for you private group to workout those are all things we if you have questions about times available or rates for Private training just let me know 
We are making it an 8 WEEK GLUTE AND CORE WORKSHOP
So every Sunday at 10am we will have a private class
and the only thing we will be working on is Glutes and Abs...
This class is ONLY going to be open to the 1st 10-15 people that register, so if you are interested reach out soon and if you want more info, ask some of the people that have participated
You can visit the webpage to enroll, or you can do it at the gym next time you are in
This class is open to members, and friends and family...anyone that wants to do it...
The cost is $160 per person and is every Sunday starting June 30th at 10am for 8 weeks
If you have questions let me know!!
OK...yesterday I announced our 6 Week Surviving THE SUMMER Fitness Challenge program that will start on Monday July 1st
And between now and then I will have more info on what we are offering, above is the video of how we will offer our Nutrition Accountability 
We will have this open for members of our gym, non members of our gym that want to do this remotely (like in another city or gym) and of course people that are not members but want to joins us...
I also announced we have an event page set up for a FREE Nutrition Seminar on Saturday June 22nd at 10am in English
y Tambien en Espanol el mismo Sabado a las 11am
Tell a friend, invite a friend, forward the info to anyone you like in English or Spanish
I also announced a 6 Week Challenge starting just for's going to be a special program for Men, Dads, Guys in general that want to get back on the path to better health and fitness or maybe take it to the next level (if you have questions about this let me know) and you can forward this info to your Husband, Brother, Father, Boyfriend, Brother, Best Friend Etc....
Last thing today...our Podacst has a new format and we will be releasing more episodes with more frequency...I just put out a new episode here:
And I \'m sure it's on a few others like Podomatic and more...
"Let's Go Hands Up"
Coach Rafael