Look At Bri's Transformation and Why She Is Doing 75 Hard

Nov 26, 2019

 by Rafael Moret

It's Super Tuesday!!
I know I know...Tuesday
It could be Super Tuesday...It could be Taco Tuesday and of course Transformation Tuesday!!
Well in yesterday's email I told you I would share Brianna's next goal and why she choose that one
Back in March she decided to get committed and do something outside of her comfort zone...
and while she will admit she was not 100% on her game 100% of the time...it was the MOST committed she had ever been
So we she wondered..what if she committed some more...and sure enough...the outcome was even better...
and while the journey to the stage bring out an incredible external transformation...Lais and I always talk about the internal one..
and now as we look into the next few months..Bri turns 18 in March...and she is ready to GO HARD and walk into Adulting with an even bigger TRANSFORMATION
She told me the other day the she looked at the dates, reverse the goals and figured that if she started 75 HARD on December 22nd...it would end on her 18th Birthday..
That fact that she figured that out speaks waves about the mindset shift this year has given her
And I am super Proud of how she will close this chapter of her life and enter the next one
Now...for some of you more experienced Adults over 18...I think a lot of you should go hard...it will change your life..
But I also realize you can easily get lost in The Process without the right guidance and accountability (even if it is to yourself)
If you are interested in the 75 HARD program and how I can help...reach out..for those of you that have never heard of it...
Andy Frisella calls it "A 75-Day Tactical Guide to Winning the War With Yourself"
If that is to much work, this is for sure not for you...
For those of you that are interested in finding out more about how Bri lost 20lbs and found her SELF in The Process...let me know
If you would like to go 75 HARD with her let me know...
I will be creating her eating program, and workout program for this journey, and can do the same for you..
Can't wait to share the next set of pictures in Bri's journey with all of you
Coach Rafael
MAYBE...But it will be LIMITED
Have you tried LEVEL - 1???