We are a family. We all workout. We all understand.

Just like you… we are busy, we have to work, we run a business, we have kids, we have a toddler and teenager, a boy and a girl, I am a dad and she is a mom. We understand you.

We also have goals, and we have to work on them just like you, but one of our goals is to help you reach yours in the BEST way possible. We want your experience at THE WORKOUT to be the BEST part of your day. We want the RESULTS you get following THE PROCESS to be the BEST RESULTS you have ever gotten and we want you to think about your health and fitness like something you should make a priority forever.

THE WORKOUT is not just a 45 minute class, it’s a way of life

If you have questions or want to talk to us, call or text us at 305-910-3162

I look forward to meeting you


Coach Rafael

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